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Gnostic Triptych
Gnostic Triptych

With formal inventiveness and confessional precision, Elder Gideon’s second interdisciplinary collection treks through the perils of religion to the open space of the Spirit. 


Weaving art, science, and ecology, three verse essays narrate the speaker’s coming of age and out as a universal process for those who must lose to find. Guided by parent peers, a Gnostic master, and wild owls, Gnostic Triptych maps a labyrinth to its divine center. 

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Aegis of Waves

Youth are my heart and the subject of these poems. I feel a metaphysical urgency for the trauma they’re signaling, like canaries in postcolonial coal mines. Deprived of initiation, fewer are fledging. 

Aegis of Waves is an interdisciplinary meditation weaving science, spirituality, and true youth stories. Centered in unconditional hope, this inquiry maps the crisis that is now both coming of age and the source of resilience.

AEGIS of Waves
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Gnosis Of Guadalupe
Gnosis of Guadalupe

Gnosis alone can transmute anxiety and alienation. The urgent needs of all living beings do not allow time for despair but require action. To rightly act with vision and purpose as a child of the Mother comes from confidence in Her presence in all circumstances, good and bad. This is the essence of Her revelation to St. Juan Diego in his age and to Tau Malachi in our own. Ours is the privilege of serving not only in uncertain times but in new beginnings as well: the Age of the Holy Spirit, the Second Coming, the Sun of Flowering.

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