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Wisdom cries out in time. In our transitions, She raises her voice.

With devotional vulnerability, Michael Zysk’s third collection looks into the beginning and end in the divine feminine. Uniting astrophysics with hermeneutics, each of the poems are openings in a sacred screen—an iconostasis—to Wisdom. 

Michael Zysk
Michael Zysk


I'm grateful for the amazing partners who have supported me throughout my journey, and I'm excited to share my latest projects with you. 

Michael Zysk
Michael Zysk
Michael Zysk
Michael Zysk
Michael Zysk
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My Story

You and I, we're stories that our lives write moment to moment. I write to remember where we’re from.


Like any creative, I had to adapt. In 2000, this meant teaching high school English. As my teaching career evolved, so did my love of text. 


I started writing intentionally in 2012. I needed more direction, so I sought a poetry MFA in 2018. 

I continued growing in conferences with the Community of Writers ('21) and Kenyon Review ('22). I feel honored to have been nominated twice in 2023 for the Pushcart Prize.  

By grace, I live in a story that I enjoy reading.


My Books

Gnostic Triptych

Aegis of Waves 

Gnosis of Guadalupe

My Books

I might have been the last American on earth to send a telegram:

Your book is wonderful. [STOP]

It is an achievement in poetry and autobiography. [STOP]

The organization is perfect. [STOP].

I learned so much from it. [STOP].

—James Najarian, Ph.D

Director of the Boston College Ph.D program and editor of Religion and the Arts, author of Victorian Keats: Manliness, Sexuality, and Desire (Palgrave Macmillan, 2003).

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